Die Spyware Die!

I came across two really nice and thorough articles pertaining spyware, thanks to the Majorgeeks website:

Read Me First: Basic Spyware, Trojan and Virus Removal

Hijack This Tutorial and How To Post Your Log File

If I were you, I’d print the above two, keep it on your PDA, iPod, and on the CDR with the spyware tools and definition updates. (Well, I have an iPod, you might not.)

Anyways, a nice co-worker needed some help with his laptop today, so I printed these out and burned a CD of all the spyware apps that seemed to be the most popular at Majorgeeks. As I type on his laptop, I’m Panda ActiveScan has caught a few virii already. I tried to troubleshoot it before, but I guess I didn’t do a thorough job. He stated that SpywareBlaster would report that his IE homepage was being hijacked. And that brings me back to my former place of work, one more time.

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