At school today, a pretty brutal display of stupidity astonished me. I was in my first class this morning (Great Religions of the World), and the teacher was going through his lecture. This one guy in class, sitting fairly near the front, had his cell phone on.

He got rung up once, and left the class to answer. Then when he got back, and a few minutes passed, he got another phone call. By that time, the teacher was fed up. He was like, “You know, that’s the second time he’s disrupted the class. When he gets back, I’m kicking him out.”

A few seconds later, the guy walks back in.

Teacher: “Hey, you know what? That’s the second time you’ve left my class. You’re outta here, buddy.”
Student: “What? C’mon homie! That was my sister and my mom was in the hospital.”
Teacher: “No, I don’t care. You’re not in my class. Get out.”
Student: “Naw homie…c’mon, my mom’s in the hospital…”
Teacher: “Get out!”
Student: “Man, f!@#% you!” (student walks out)
Teacher: “Yeah, you’re definitely not coming back.”

In the beginning, the teacher clearly stated that cell phones weren’t allowed to be on. The first time this guy walks out of the class, the teacher didn’t even say anything. But the door is pretty loud, and I’m sure it irritated him – but he didn’t think it would happen again.

If your family is having health problems, wouldn’t you be in the hospital with them? Or if you need to monitor your cell phone during class, at least let the teacher know beforehand rather than disrupting his teaching rhythm. Instead, he got himself kicked out completely. I pity him…

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