Late night homework cram session

I have a lot of homework I need to do by tomorrow. Lots of reading, a two-page paper to type up, a bunch of accounting problems…just a lot of stuff.

I had some things to do before 10pm. But after that, I went to Starbucks to get a Venti Non-fat No-whip Mocha, then headed for Denny’s in hopes to keep awake for at least three hours. The waitress got me a nice quiet table near the back.

I must’ve been in there for about 10 minutes, when a large family (15-20 people) came in. There were adults and children alike. They were really loud, and some of the younger kids were kind of crying on and off. Isn’t school starting today and tomorrow?

I had my iPod and Shure E2C sound isolating earphones, and that helped a little. But, the temperature wasn’t air conditioned either! I was working up a sweat for about 10 minutes before I got fed up.

50 minutes after I’ve gotten there, I’ve taken off for home. And now, here I am, typing this to give you guys a laugh. Don’t worry, I’m going to get to work right after I publish this. 😉

At least when I went to Starbucks, they were trying to get rid of the leftover muffins and stuff from the day. I got a free blueberry muffin. W00t! 😆

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

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