Asurion rocks!

My mom and I use Verizon Wireless as our cell phone carrier. For the past year, she’s had an old Motorola V60c graciously handed down by my previous boss (you’re awesome!).

It was officially and completely broke when she got back from her Europe trip. The main screen was blank, and the exterior was really faint. I decided to call Verizon to take them up on the insurance plan we’ve been paying faithfully. It’s through a company called Asurion, and I’d have to call them.

The Asurion rep was really nice. The deductible was $50 (which I paid over the phone with a credit card), and they said it would arrive the next day. (I’m talking to this guy at ~1pm PST!) Ooook…

Today, a DHL driver came and delivered the box to my doorstep right before 9am. I opened it up, and there was an Asurion box with the phone inside. It looked brand new. I activated and tested it, and it was essentially perfect. All I have to do is send the defective phone and accessories in the prepaid padded mailer.

Verizon said the turnaround time was 2-3 days, but they sure topped that. It was a great experience that gives me peace of mind that my $4/month will be well spent when I mess up another phone.

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14 thoughts on “Asurion rocks!”

  1. Nice Try. The complaints still win out. 1 out of 5 customers are satisfied….this is true information from an internal case study.


  2. Okay. Can you give me the source of this internal case study? Links? I was only stating my experiences with them. If you don’t reply back, I’ll assume you’re just commenting on such an old post just to be a smart aleck.


  3. I used to work for the company. I recently left there because of the way they treated people internally and externally. No…I was not fired. You can even check on that…that’s not why I am saying bad things. I have seen them in action and I know. The source of the study is internal….call the call center and ask to speak with management and ask then to speak with someone in marketing support that is handling customer sat surveys. Someone in the QA group (outside of the call center QA – these are two seperate groups at Asurion) can give you this information as well.


  4. I can’t check whether you got fired or not – I don’t have your name. If you can give me the Asurion call center, what do I say?

    Also, in your opinion, should I be paying insurance for my cell phones?

    Why are you posting this?


  5. Asurion is a terrible service. Basically, they make you jump through hoops to file a claim and then as a reward, you have to pay a $50 deductible. In all, after a 2 year contract, and the $50 deductible, you end up spending $178 and have a huge headache from having to deal with them. If you have one of those super nice phones ($300 to $500 for replacement) it may be worth it, but it certainly is not worth it for the average phone ($100-$299).

    My experience started when I tried to make a claim last year. To verify my identity, they asked me to state my address – one I had at college two years ago. I didn’t remember it, and asked them if there was another way to verify my identify. The associate flatly said, “no”, which was folllowed by dead silence. I tried calling them again to file a claim. The associate input the wrong information. When I corrected him, he said he couldn’t do it. Therefore, no claim.

    Insurance is a great thing to have. It’s just not a great thing from asurion.


  6. I think asurion is great. I’ve had to file three different insurance claims on phones that would no longer function properly, and the results were fantastic.. The service was top notch and I would not ask for anything more. I am a very pleased customer.


  7. I have no idea why everyone get mad because they have to go through a process to file a claim. Now lets just say that someone that you dont knoe decided that they were going to file a claim under your name. The precautions that Asurion makes are for the CUSTOMERS safety.

    So in your opinion what would be a GOOD insurance company?


  8. I’ll join this conversation to add some truth to this debate. First off thanks for the good words about asurion. I work in the department that you get to when you ask for a “manager” It’s called Advance Customer Care for buddy claiming he worked for us. And I can’t says I’ve been treated badly internally even once! Nor have I treated a fellow employee badly. Now as far as customers go, well I’m one of the people that have to make tough calls. Believe me not all of our customers end up happy, but the last thing I ever want to do is to decline someone. We base our information on what we are given and if it just doesn’t add up there are times that I can’t help. Lets just say some claims are questionable… However that is one out of 100 calls that get to me that I can’t help. Lets face it, when you want your phone replaced for free, want it upgraded, and want it today… It ends with “sorry sir I wish I could help but there are terms and conditions… ” Apart from that the other 99 people I’ll talk to walk away feeling like they just recieved “World Class Customer Service” Some people even ask for my supervisor to tell them how happy they are with my service! Then I get a “kudos” award! If you are reading this and you have had a bad experience, well sorry it happened and hopfully your next claim goes better, but before you start talking badly about a great company please get your stuff straight. Especially if you claim to have worked for us. And I too would like to know which center you worked in… If it’s Moncton, then I hope you did get fired because that is no way to represent us! Last thing to add is unfortunatley the one who had a bad claim will tell everyone they know but the one who had a great claim rarely tells anyone. Keep that in mind.


  9. This is near impossible to see who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. If “Mr. Asurion” would’ve put his real name and email address above, I might’ve believed him more. Some of the things you say are completely…wow. I don’t know what to say about your statements above. I won’t say anything – I’m better than that.

    In any case, I know how my experiences were, and I posted them. I should’ve closed this post for comments months ago.


  10. Interesting. I filed a claim with them and they claimed one or two business days. This was on a Monday, so they said Wednesday at the latest I would have my new phone. It is now Thursday, and I just got an email saying my claim is being processed and will ship within one or two business days!

    Glad you had a decent experience with them, but I’m pretty furious with them.


  11. I have been dealing with issues with Asurion since Aug 5, 2011 and my issues still have not been solved. Ok here is what has taken place. I purchased my Nexus One directly from Google but Asurion now maintain the insurance. Paid about $450.00 for it because of feature it provided (IE. Quick updates, Netflix, noise cancelation mics, real voice texting, screen quality/glass, External flash, build quality, and most of all software compatibility with well know products).

    After my phone died (no power at all), I took it to the tmobile store on Lavista road (Georgia). The sales person checked the phone to see if there was any water damage. She removed the battery but did not see any water damage and tried several things to get it going to no success, so she said I needed to call Asurion for an replacement. When I arrived home I called Asurion and they asked a few questions, then said they would have an adjuster to call me to discuss what phone I would get since they no longer had the Nexus One for replacement. After a few days I got an email that my claim had been closed because they showed my account as having a Galaxy S Vibrant. I was really amazed since I had given the IME number of the Nexus on the previous call. So I called back again and could not get any results from Asurion so they wanted me to contact T-mobile to get things straighten out. I call T-mobile and spoke to their tech support who looked at my records and found out the same day my phone died, I needed to communicate so I put my slim in a broken Samsung Vibrant. We did a 3 way call to Asurion and the t-mobile tech explain that when the claim was placed I was indeed using the Nexus one that day. So I thought all was well till after contacting Asurion for the 3rd time, they wanted more info on the Nexus and written statement for the adjuster. This had not been a problem of the previous calls. After my 5th call we finally got that part worked out and cleared for my claim to go though. I received a call from someone at Asurion and was told the nexus one is not available and I could get a Samsung Vibrant. I was really amazed because T-mobile had told me Asurion would offer a model similar to the Nexus One. Not a model lacking all the reasons I went to the Nexus One in the first place (Real Voice to text, External flash, current update, compatibility with the newest software on the market, Noise cancelation mics and great build quality). So after asking for the manager, I was given several co-workers (3) who all pretended to be the manager. 8 calls later I was told that the manager was not available (no matter what time of day I had called the manager was either in a meeting or not there at the time). The lady on the phone assured me that a manager would call me in 48 hours. Needless to say, I never got that call so I am still using a broken phone with holds in the screen all the way down to the electronics. I am expecting it to died any day now, at which time I will be phoneless. All thanks to the service render from Asurion. I thought Asurion was a much better company than to mislead customer in such a way. I am truly sadden by the way Asurion handle their business.
    Kelvin B. Johnson Atlanta, Ga.


  12. assurion is one of the absolute worst companies i’ve ever dealt with. I don’t care if simply paying for their insurance makes me rich, I will NEVER deal with them again. First off, their reps are true bottom feeders. Most of the employees sound like they were straight picked up from the shittiest parts of harlem or maybe detroit.

    Now, the deductible is a cool $130, which they only inform you of in the fine print.

    And the best part of paying 7 dollars a month (over two years this equals $168) is a huge rip off. The cost of a replacement ends up being about $300.

    And the cherry on top? the phone is refurbished. it’s actually cheaper in some cases to buy a refurbed phone yourself than pay for this waste of a company.

    Btw, this whole article sounds like it was an assurion marketing agency. AVOID!


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