Phone/DSL Line Repaired

The problem’s fixed! It was a line problem, more specifically messed up wiring in the laundry room (in our apartment complex) that comes from their DSL office – or something like that. I guess it only affected me, but then again, I didn’t hear any of my neighbors saying anything. The technician was nice, especially arriving so early. It was scheduled between 8am and noon, and he just left now (9:30am). It’s good to be back again.

I wish I would’ve found that phone number and called when the problem first came up. If you think about it, all that time I had to spend on the phone trying to troubleshoot from my computers were really in vain. I can’t remember if I said it for both phone calls, but for the second one, I did specifically say that I had static on the phone line. Nevertheless, he wanted to continue troubleshooting. Now that was a waste of time.

SBC is lucky they have their line stability going for them. All they need to do is rethink their support structure and they’ll be better off.

If you ever have broadband issues, try and get ahold of your service provider to see if there’s a problem with the line right away. The best website I’ve seen or heard of for this type of information is BroadBand Reports.

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