An extremely tough lesson learned

If you can remember a previous entry “Watch Your Mouth“, I posted a verse.

The meaning behind it was from my leader, and my newest customer. I was supposed to build his system over a month ago. However, I got behind in school and I’ve been trying to catch up. When I wasn’t at school, I have my volunteer work in the afternoons.

I should’ve explained how swamped I was before committing to the job. I haven’t done any jobs since then, and although I was working Tuesdays and Thursdays on the computers at the same organization (for pay), yet his computer wasn’t completed.

Today, when I was done showing him around the new system, I sincerely apologized again for the length of time it took to deliver, but he didn’t say anything. We got in our cars and were on our way.

I want to make this a big point: If you’re doing anything, paid or volunteer, make sure that you can fully commit to it. Let it linger, and your reputation will be tarnished. It takes a long time to build a reputation, but just a blink of an eye to demolish.

Even if he’s reading this or not, I’m doing this for me and you (not to show off to him how sorry I am). For those reading, I simply hope you can learn from my mistake. I hate regrets. I regret this.

On the bright side, last night at a customer’s house, I made sure not to schedule something I could commit to. She has a system that needed to have a wireless card installed, and I almost scheduled it for this morning. Instead, I evaluated my schedule, and setup an appointment for next Tuesday. Yes, it’s a week from now, and I could tell by her face that she’d prefer sometime sooner, but at least it’s something I know I can accomplish. To prove further how much better it was for me, I didn’t even wake up until 10am this morning, and I would’ve never finished and delivered the other computer today.

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