Kinda back at THG

I replied to a Tom’s Hardware Guide thread in the Windows XP forum – something I haven’t done in a long time. I know we have our own forums here, but they’ve gotten really quiet. I know that one reason is because it’s not a really popular and well-known forum. However, I’m hoping that the other reason is that most everybody in there aren’t really having too many problems lately. (Luckily, I’m not – *knock on wood*) If this is the case, then I might as well help out where I can.

The reason why I “left” those forums were because:

  • they were slow
  • there were lots of flaming
  • no sign of regular moderators keeping the peace
  • threads would get off-topic fairly easily, and wouldn’t get split into their own specific threads
  • the answers were sometimes mean, or terse and unhelpful (such as “do a search on Google”)

I wrote “left” in quotes because I didn’t officially leave, but more like stopped posting and frequenting their forums.

So, I’m going to visit there a bit more frequently to try and help out where I can. Thank goodness it’s speedier now. I guess I’d like to try and set the bar, like Toey did when he had the time to help out over there and in here. In a way, I’d like to be the example for the rest of the members there, and – in essence – reflect how we are here. If we don’t get new members, it’s fine. But hopefully they’ll know where to come if they get sick of those forums, right? Riiight…

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