Yellowcard Rocks!

(This is the aftermath of the Yellowcard concert at UCI.)

We heard that a line started to form the night before, and recommended we leave early. (We split up into two groups, since the other half had church setup.) My group left from home around 3:45pm, only to arrive at 4:30pm. The doors weren’t going to open until 6:30pm, so we had a lot of time to kill. There were a lot of people before us already, but nowhere near the length of the line when the doors opened. The other half showed up with In-N-Out for us, so that helped kill some time. A few band members from “Never Heard Of It” were walking around, showing their music to random people. Jeff Anenberg came up to Chris and me me and Chris and played a track. It was pretty good, actually!

When we finally got in, fortunately Cassandra had hookups from a friend that worked security earlier that day, and he saved us a few seats in the second row. The place was pretty packed once everyone got settled, and the speakers were extremely loud. The temperature was just right, so that was definitely a plus. There was no way we would go in the middle and try to mosh. The first two bands were…eh. After the first band (Hey Mike), Cassandra’s buddy Jon got us all earplugs – clutch. My ear drums were saved, I’m sure. The Starting Line was somewhat better, although they were pretty filthy. Once Yellowcard was on, everyone was on their feet. I can’t describe how their show was, other than to say that they put so much energy into it. It was simply awesome. They must’ve played like 15 songs, and even though it was long, I really did like it. By the time they were done, it was midnight. I had a blast!

Thanks to Cassandra for getting the tickets, good seats, and making sure things went fairly smooth. That concert didn’t show up on Goldenvoice, and we would’ve missed Yellowcard if it wasn’t for her. Oh yeah, she took some pictures and let me use them here. She converted them to be web-friendly, so they’re not high quality. I chose these two.

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