Subway stupidities

I had Subway for lunch today, and the people working in there sometimes just don’t understand. Perhaps it’s because English isn’t some of the workers’ primary speaking tongue? Nevertheless, the lady was making my sandwich, and she was asking me what I wanted on it.

“Lettuce, tomato, onion?”
“No tomato or onion.”
“Bell peppers, olives, pickles?”
“No olives or pickles.”
“Bell peppers?”
“Yes.” – I’m getting irritated.
“Salt and pepper, oil, vinegar?”
“No oil and vinegar.”
“Salt and pepper?”
“Yes!” – What, can’t you use process of elimination!?!

Sorry about the last two posts lacking in computing stuff. The next post will… 😉

Update: I went to the same Subway three days later. A different person made my sandwich, but the other less intelligent worker was with someone else. And I heard her asking the customer:

“Would you like cheese?”
“So you want cheese?”

(He was a bit calmer than I was.)

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3 thoughts on “Subway stupidities”

  1. I swear none of them (at least in my area) make any money anyways.

    I have to say though I have never had the kind of problems you talk about (Thank god I guess).


  2. I’m not sure about the money making part, or it being an actual problem. I just thought it was kind of funny, while at the same time being pretty stupid. Heh…


  3. The subway around gatech gives free drinks to those people with student IDs…so I normally go there with some friends and split a footlong or something…it boils down to like 3 bucks (which is pretty damn good if you ask me).

    Oh, and the employees I’ve delt with are competent….at least here in Atlanta. In Tallahassee…well….thats a different story 😉


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