Fix wp-login.php

There appears to be a few lines of code within wp-login.php of WordPress 1.2.1 (Mingus) or 1.3-alpha-5 (nightlies) that could allow someone to …bah. I can’t explain it as well as the others, and it’s really late (early) in the morning. I basically just got home to find that I needed to fix this.

The IT Kitchen got hacked, and Shelley wrote on how to repair it. I would’ve never found out about this if my links page didn’t indicate that podz had a new post today. I love RSS and blogs. I hope more people realize how great those tools really are.

Note: In my wp-login.php file, the offending lines were right after line 151. I’m not running the 1.3 alpha, and I’m confused because podz and One Fine Jay mentions two different sections of lines.

I’ll clarify. With a default WP 1.3 alpha download, it’s in lines 48 and 49; with a default WP 1.2.1 download, it’s in lines 153 and 155. WP 1.2 users should update to 1.2.1.

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