I'm back

Sorry for the post delay. On with it…

It seems like its been awhile since I’ve posted. Do I appear to post regularly?

I was going back and forth from procrastinating to study for my last final (for Accounting 101) and actually studying. Looking back on this last week, I’m somewhat unsure what I did exactly before Friday.

Monday: After giving Christmas-related Bible lesson, I did concession cleanup with enough time to watch the RHP Varsity basketball game. I can’t remember if they won.

Tuesday: Sportline. Troubleshoot modem on a PC for a customer/former player I used to coach 3 years ago, his mom offered me dinner after I luckily fixed it.

Wednesday: Sportline. Helped run parking for the RHP Christmas show, then went home to study. (Did you buy that? I did a little.)

Thursday: Coached basketball practice (yikes). Friend came over so I could show him how to use his new laptop (see next post). Installed Firefox, tested his new built-in wireless card, and compiled a small list of programs he could download and install himself. After he left, I “studied”.

Site Work

Where it gets crazy is when I’m taking my breaks on and off from studying. I’m in the process of moving the old site onto a subdomain (appropriately “old1.btvillarin.com”), and I’ve been trying to utilize redirect within my htaccess file. Therefore, the few sites that linked to any of my articles might edit their links accordingly. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been working. You might’ve also noticed that the RSS 2.0 link was missing a slash on the end, and the actual URL was supposed to have one. But, it redirected infinitely and threw up an error.

I decided to put up the question in front of a few people: Sitepoint forums, Rob Atkinson for Potent Products (my host), and podz. That night, I got continuous help, and eventually weeded out whatever the problem was.

Goals accomplished at 3am Friday morning:

  • Get .htaccess redirects to work properly
  • Fix the WordPress syndication feeds

After sleeping for a small amount of time (probably not recommended before a final exam), I took my accounting 101 exam. I felt it was pretty simple, even though I didn’t study as much as I should’ve been. I called my professor a couple hours later and found out I passed the class. That’s a huge relief. Checking my grade on his Yahoo Briefcase right now, I barely got that C. But he did say I’d get it if I passed the final. It wasn’t as simple as I thought it was – I didn’t do that well. Even though I passed, I still have to next the next half of the class. I have a long way to go with accounting.

Obvious Words of Wisdom:

  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Stay the course
  • A thousand points of light (sorry, my friends crack up when anyone says this)

In managing a website:

  • Read as much as you can
  • Keep things tidy
  • Be as descriptive as humanly possible

I’ll definitely write on these last experiences with .htaccess files and redirects. I don’t think people are aware of the problems I had to fight through to get a solution.

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