Day of fun!

I feel compelled to write something for today, in case I don’t get a chance to during the day. So, I’ll talk about how things were yesterday…you know, all the fun I have since it’s vacation! 🙂

I slept in for a good while, since I stayed up late the night before playing Madden 2005 on PS2. I was gonna hang out with my friend (Jordan) for the majority of the day, helping him get a new router to simplify his network setup at his house. After buying a few things for his awesome parents, we went to lunch at Paco’s Mexican Restaurant off 2nd and Foothill. Wow, that place has lots of food at nice prices!

Networking and DSL Stuff

Best Buy was next, where I helped him choose a D-Link Cable/DSL Wireless Router DI-524. He doesn’t have any wireless things, but since I have a laptop with a wireless card, they were out of wired routers, and the difference would’ve been $5, that’s what he settled with.

If you remember my issues with SBC Yahoo DSL back in October, I was trying to help Jordan out now speed things up. The night before, I had him create a free account at Broadband Reports so he could post in the SBC Direct forum. Today, after a bunch of phone calls to the outsourced tech support in India, and the same canned conversations, we got a reply from one of my favorite SBC tech support people in the forums: toaster!

Short answer? The line was set to be slower to help troubleshoot previous issues a long time ago. I think I remember that they had problems setting up their DSL line, so that might’ve been what was on record. So, he set it to a faster profile to see if it’d work. Sure enough, the line sped up to the same speeds I’m getting. (We’re about half a mile from each other, on opposite blocks though.) So that’s pretty cool, but we’re still finishing up some questions I’m having – hopefully all will be well now.

ESPN College Basketball 2K5 and Madden 2005

I played ESPN College Basketball 2K5 against Jordan after we were done messing with the networking stuff. I was down by 20 points at the beginning, but I came back to win at the end by nine points. w00t! The game was pretty nice.

Also, after we came back from a sit-down dinner with a lot of friends, me, Jordan, and Jon played Madden 2005. I totally ripped Jon with my awesome passing game, then proceeded to annihilate Jordan. I won by 3 points at the end, but still tore him up the whole first half. I think I’m addicted to that game already, and I’m quite scared that I won’t be able to stop everytime I go over to his house. 😆

The play control is awesome! You can do so much with different guys once you can see how the defense is setup, and the calls I made on-the-fly came through for me when it counted.

Dinner at Lucille’s BBQ

Lucille’s BBQ is so good. This was my third time there, and also the third time we celebrated a birthday for one of the people in our group. I have a feeling I got the same thing as last time, but I couldn’t help it – it’s delish! It was an hour wait, and really cold outside. Luckily for the last 20 minutes, Jordan was able to get a heater working.

Winding down

I would’ve been home at 10:30pm, but I couldn’t help but play those last two games of Madden 2005 with Jon and Jordan. I start a new job tomorrow morning, and it’s in Los Angeles. Traffic stinks, especially driving alone from Temple City/Arcadia, but hopefully it’ll be a fun day of learning what I’m going to be doing there.

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