Started new job

I started my new job yesterday at Public Counsel in Los Angeles. Driving from Arcadia today was remarkably nice, however it won’t be after the holidays are over.

Basically, my position here is to be the main IT person for troubleshooting whatever problems come up. “My email isn’t working. The printer is jammed. We need more toner.” You know, things like that.

However, when I’m not doing that, I’ll be working on their website. So, I’m trying to acquaint myself it. My supervisor wants me to make the site better, possibly thinking of a way to convert it to use PHP/MySQL as a backend. (Did I mention that my supervisor also coached me for one summer (soccer) when I was younger, and I assisted him with a team last year? Pretty cool, he’s great.)

Of course, I’d love to be able to use WordPress for their site.

Barely anybody was working because of the holidays, so for most of the time, I was just looking through their website. He wanted me to try and learn Microsoft Access as well, but I was completely lost with it.

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