Back from mountains retreat

We came back yesterday afternoon early around 4:30pm. We were supposed to play snow football, see some post-Christmas lights in Alta Loma, then return home later in the evening. However, the snowing got really crazy and we had to leave from camp ahead of schedule.

Sunday: After church, we drove out to Islands in Rancho Cucamonga to start the camp. Plus, it was my birthday, so everyone pitched in to pay for me – it’s my favorite restaurant. There was a huge line, and we didn’t get seated for at least 45 minutes. By the time we were finished, it was already 3pm.

The rest of the day was kind of uneventful. We had our meeting, dinner, then settled in for bed. Well, we did get our snowboard and ski rentals, but that was about it.

Monday: We went to Mt. High. The mountain wasn’t too packed at 10am, so the first couple trips down weren’t too bad. The snow was kind of icy, and the weather was partially sunny. After about an hour though, more people showed up. Crowded? Yeah, just a bit more. It was my 5th time snowboarding, but I’m still not that good. I struggle to turn left without having to rotate my whole body, but started to improve before lunch.

I stopped after lunch because I was fairly sore, and I wanted to take the rest of the afternoon off. I went back to camp with a few others, played some Rook, and relaxed.

Tuesday: The snowing started Monday night, but it continued steadily into Tuesday. Every so often, huge gusts would go across the mountain. After breakfast, it was highly suggested that we leave ASAP. That meant us skipping tackle football in the meadow (and snow), and viewing the Christmas lights in Alta Loma. After packing our stuff, and shoveling the snow to clear the paths for our cars, we meticulously headed back home.

Since we had time to kill, we stopped at Kyle’s house in “Fontucky” for lunch and meetings. (It’s really nice.) We had pizza, and met for a long time before concluding camp and finishing the rest of the drive back home.

Conclusion: How was it? I liked it. I wish I could snowboard better, especially it being my fifth time. But, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. I’ve been pretty much self-taught, unlike the myriad of people on the mountain that have friends and/or lessons to learn from.

It was fun to play Rook, because it’s a type of game you play with four people…and I don’t usually have that many people around that want to play. Most of my friends have a PS2 at home, ya know. 😉

I think our [college] group accomplished quite a bit, in terms of understanding each other more. Hopefully, we don’t forget what we learned and improve our attitudes towards one another. For one thing, I’m the oldest in the group (by a month or so). Personally, I feel that I need to be a better example to everyone else. I need to have a sincere positive attitude, since most of my friends and I can get negative easily. Hopefully, the positive energy will rub off onto them. It’ll be definitely something God needs to provide me with. 🙂

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