Flyakite OS X Rocks!

Flyakite OS X makes Windows XP look like Mac OS X. It’s looks awesome, and I love how it easily made Windows XP look a lot like Mac OS X. I don’t have a Mac to compare, but using this makes me wish I actually had a Mac. I even renamed My Computer to “Finder” and moved the taskbar to the top of the screen. Thanks to Dan for pointing this out in the forums – you rock! 🙂

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

8 thoughts on “Flyakite OS X Rocks!”

  1. You don’t know that it won’t. You don’t know if any program will end up messing with your computer. I take precautions then take a chance. 😉

    Oh yeah, you didn’t leave a valid email address that said you didn’t want spam. For the record, I won’t spam. If you knew me, that’s one of the last things I’d ever want to do. That, and get spyware accidently installed. Never.


  2. For someone that wanted to try this, that’ll definitely help. Thanks, Charles!

    I’m off this theme, however, and back to the classic Windows theme. I get in weird moods when it comes to eye candy.


  3. I’m not sure whether or not this messed with my iPod Mini – it’s been sent off to Apple to be fixed or if unfixable replaced. I don’t think it has, but I remember having this installed when it messed up… I think.


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