Forum pruning

People tell me that if the forums aren’t broke, don’t fix it. They may not be broke, but they’re outdated versions of IPB. I’m definitely not sure if they’re open to hacking. However, I’m liking the speed and simplicity that WordPress has brought me. Speaking of speed, I’m really leaning towards switching the forums over to PunBB. Why? This is why.

I have a feeling my friends that do frequent the forums might not like this. Until I get more feedback, I’ll be trimming the fat from the forums. Here’s some tasks I’ll be going through:

  • Removing members that haven’t posted at all
  • Removing members that haven’t posted in a year, and don’t seem to have any signs of coming back
  • Deleting images from really old posts to free up server space (also making it easier to backup the forum folder)

The first two items won’t be done until tomorrow night around 8:00pm PST. In any case, could you please give me some of your thoughts on this between now and then? Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Forum pruning”

  1. :cringe:

    What PunBB lacks IMO are 60% core features.

    No PM system? No attachment system (although not core right now in a BB it’s coming up very quickly as such).

    I don’t know… I just don’t like it.

    I have to wonder – Is space becoming a issue on your server?


  2. My only pet peeve is #1…make sure that before deleting users that qualify for #1, that #2 is also true. Because I know that if I’m shy on webboards, I won’t post….but I will sign in and stuff and read posts. And you may get an angry user if he can’t sign in one day because he has never posted 🙂

    And as for PunBB, I’d say go for it…if you really want change 🙂 Let me ask you this, though, do you feel running IPB on your server threatens your server? In other words, do you think you will get hacked? Because from personal experience, I’ve never heard of PunBB, so I don’t know how “secure” it is. A lot of the big hackers have tried and failed to get into IPB (and if they did get in, they weren’t in for long before a fix was released).

    I guess the bottom line is….it’s up to you.

    Oh, does PunBB allow you to “connect” with WordPress? In other words, if you post something in PunBB, will the post appear through WordPress? Because that kind of connectivity would be awesome!


  3. I know there’s no PM system. Looking at the stats though, only 35 PM have been sent between November 22 2004 and October 14 2004 – none has been sent since. It doesn’t look like much of an important system. (It’s being discussed at PunBB, but I think he’s trying to keep things simple, then using mods to add functionality.) Attachments are probably a more important feature, I think, but not totally necessary.

    Space isn’t an issue, I’m just going more minimalist I guess? 🙂

    I am making sure that the user hasn’t logged in (shown any activity) for a year. I’m also making sure they have zero posts – they basically just registered and left it at that.

    I don’t know if I’ll get hacked. But if I do, I won’t get a patch from IPB since I’m running the old version. They’re not supporting the free users – only paid users. So, I’d hate to get hacked in a time where I’m so busy I can’t do anything about it.

    I don’t believe PunBB integrates with WordPress. If it did, would that mean all members could blog? I dunno. 😆 I do know that you can export a forum to a webpage like I did before with IPB. You can see it at work at the PunBB news page.

    I know two people that really like PunBB: Alex King and Matt Mullenweg (developer of WordPress).

    In the end, I guess it really is up to me. I just hope nobody gets ticked at me or anything. 😀


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