iPods getting prevalent

Out of my local circle of friends, I was one of the first to get an iPod. At first, I couldn’t understand why anybody would like to carry around so many songs at one time. What’s wrong with CD players? You can always make a mix whenever you felt like it. Who would want the ability to have between 5,000 to 10,000 songs on hand?

15 months later, I’m loving it. My iPod has given me so much more freedom from my computer or car, which is where I’d listen to music. I could listen to it anywhere if I needed to pass the time. Yeah, it isolates you, but if you’re alone anyways and you don’t want to bother everyone else that’s around you, how much more convenient is that?

Some of my friends at first shrugged it off. It’s cool, but they’d never get one. In my group of college friends, at least 5 people have one now (as opposed to 2 in the beginning). Also, quite a few of the high school people I know have one, too. I think I count five as well. I haven’t heard of any others, but I’m sure more high schoolers got one for Christmas.

For those of you who just got an iPod of some sort: welcome! If you’re not sure where to start, I got going through the premier website for anything iPod related – iPodlounge. I’m 99% sure that any question you might have could be answered on that site. If you think you’ll need extensive help, register in their forums and ask around.

I don’t have one of the newer 4Gen iPods. It’d be nice to have up to 12 hours of battery life, but I’m still satisfied with my 3Gen 10GB iPod.

My iPod accessories:

My case is a bit dirty, but it keeps my iPod from major scratches and cushions rare accidental drops. I was using my iTalk last semester to record some lectures. I’m going to try that method throughout this semester to see if it helps me understand the concepts a bit more. At least I can be doing something productive on my drive to and from work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The mount frees my cupholder section space for what it’s meant for, and helps raise my iPod higher so I don’t have to move my eyes as far below the windshield. Don’t worry, I usually just pick a smart playlist and go with it. πŸ˜‰ And the auto kit keeps my iPod charged/charging, and simplifies the two cables that might have to run from my iPod down to one.

Oh yeah, I love SharePod. πŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “iPods getting prevalent”

  1. I think I really must get an iPod now. Two of my friends at work have one now, and they walk around all day in the land of iPod, whereby you can only get their attention by shouting at or hitting them! And I too, feel the need to sing loudly and badly to my favourite tracks!


  2. BRYAN, I LOVE YOU!!!! (lol)… my friend’s cd-drive got screwed up (on his laptop), and he had to send it on.. but he has a TON of music.. that he doesnt want to lose.. wtvr – long story – and he couldnt get backup drive thingy.. SharePod saved the day… Bryan.. ur the greatest (again) πŸ™‚


  3. Well, here’s the story πŸ™‚ My friend called me and told me that his laptop cd drive is “screwed up”.. he brought it over.. and it really was (it was only able to read one CD then the drive wouldnt work after that.. even if u put the first cd back in..), anyway, he calls up tech supp and they said send it in.. now.. he has a TON of music on there.. which he didnt want to lose (its all on his ipod). now, before i knew about this sharepod thing, i was thinknig “externel drive” for backup, or some thumb drive thing.. or wtvr (6 GB need to be backed up).. but now, thanks to YOU!, SharePod will just copy the music back to his computer when he gets his laptop back!!!!! (i guess the reason why he’s scared of losing HDD stuff even though its CD-Rom thats messed up is because 1) he’s a noob, 2) there replacing laptop, 3) it has sumthin to do with HDD



  4. Hey I googled the car mount you are using and your website came up. I was considering purchasing it, but was unsure if it mounted as easily as the website said it would. Is it compatible with any car? (I own a Honda Civic) Did you have to do anything major to mount it? If you don’t mind, just email me and let me know your thoughts. Thanks. jonesmac82@gmail.com


  5. I’ll reply here with a few quick thoughts.

    Mounting it required a good socket wrench. I borrowed my friend’s Gator Grip, loosened the nut, put the mount in, and tightened it back up.

    Compatibility is basically if your front seat is held by a bolt, and it’s easily accessible (so the seat doesn’t get in the way when it’s all the way back). If you’d like, I can take a picture and send it to you to see if it’s similar. It should be just fine. Oh yeah, and the company support is great.


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