Secunia recommends users to drop IE

Note: Sorry if I’m preaching to the choir (those who visit here regularly and already use Firefox), but I feel the need to keep pushing this. I’m just trying to prevent as much harm as possible to the people I and readers I care for.

In the case of this latest news item “IE Plagued by ‘Extremely Critical’ Flaws“, the last two statements stood out for me:

Security firm Secunia has released an advisory warning that the holes are “extremely critical” and recommends users dump IE and use an alternative browser.

“Although hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on securing SP2, perfection is impossible. Through the joint effort of Michael Evanchik and Paul from Greyhats Security a very critical vulnerability has been developed that can compromise a user’s system without the need for user interaction besides visiting the malicious page,” Secunia warned in a statement.

The fact that Microsoft won’t support the older Windows operating systems should be enough to steer people from actually using Internet Explorer. Should people have to upgrade to Windows XP Service Pack 2 just to fix a few IE holes? Forking over so much cash just to plug a handful of flaws doesn’t seem right, in my opinion. If you don’t need any user interaction other than visiting a webpage to have your system compromised, that’s scary enough.

If I were you, give Firefox a shot. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to download and install Firefox, but if you need any help, Mozilla wrote a quick guide on switching from IE to Firefox.

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6 thoughts on “Secunia recommends users to drop IE”

  1. Okay I have to chime in… Firefox is not that good… I mean sure it’s better if you don’t keep up on security updates… And it’s better then IE stand alone, but what geek uses (insert software name here) stand alone anything?

    This anti Microsoft thing kills me.


  2. I’m sorry it kills you. Really. I don’t expect everyone to like it either. You tried it and didn’t like it. I’m just saying that people who haven’t tried it just might love it the way I have ever since I started using it when it was Phoenix. I know quite a few people who have switched and haven’t looked back.

    I use a lot of 3rd-party software. I think other than Windows XP and Microsoft Office, most everything else I run is open source or freeware. I’m not so much anti-Microsoft, but more the fact that they haven’t fixed the issues that has plagued IE for so long.

    I do think they’ve done a great job – Windows XP has been pretty good. Microsoft can’t do it all, though.

    No hard feelings, we’re each entitled to our own opinions, just like how my blog is where I can say what I feel. 😉


  3. Oh of course.

    I’m not saying don’t try other things. At this point I would never use IE by it’s self… And if Firefox was a bit more… To my preference I would use it (Firefox IS a great browser – I just don’t like the way it does some things).


  4. Yesterday – Under the thought process I would NEVER switch to Firefox because of IE security issues

    Today – Under the thought process I will NEVER use IE again (unless forced to)

    How things can go 190 in very little time


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