w.bloggar 4.00

Update: Please read this. I’m not using w.bloggar anymore, as of build v4.00.0191.

I posted these last two entries with w.bloggar 4.00. What do I think about it?

Note: I’ve only been using it for 3 hours – I don’t know if it really helps me, but I feel more relaxed in posting.

Simple to Configure Accounts

It only took me a minute to create my account for my blog. It was more simple than I remember with the previous version 3.


I don’t have to open a browser, go to my site, enter the administration control panel, then write the post. Rather, w.bloggar stays running in my taskbar.

Writing Familiarity/Ease

In WordPress, the keystroke to make something bold is Alt+B. Italicize? Alt+I. In Microsoft Word, what is it? Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I. How about w.bloggar? It goes with the more common keystroke, which helps immensely. If I can change this in WordPress, that’d be cool.

Uploading Files

WordPress process: Upload the file, go to your post, insert the image using the Image Browser WordPress plugin, insert the alignment class.

w.bloggar process: If you’ll simply link to the file, the process will shorten the number of step you’d need to take. However, creating thumbnails is easier within WordPress.


Update: Weird, but even though this post was supposed to publish at 7am this morning, it didn’t. Eek.

For me, publishing a post for a future time was set hour ahead. I can’t see a setting within the program, so I’m just making a mental note of that.

Current feelings

I like it, and I’m going to continue to use it (except for inserting pictures with a thumbnail). I’ll see if my friends find it easier for them as well. If it helps them post more simply and frequently, I’m all for it! 😉

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