Alter Bridge rocks!

I created a new music category for posts like this…

I was about to head to bed until I heard on Jay Leno that Alter Bridge was going to perform. (If you don’t know, they’re made up of the initial Creed members, except for Myles Kennedy, the new frontman.)

So, I stayed up to see them. Wow, Mark Tremonti is one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen (in addition to Eric Clapton, Tom Morello, and a few others). They’ve really gone back to hard rock with quite a few drawn out guitar solos.

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8 thoughts on “Alter Bridge rocks!”

  1. I would have to agree, Alter Bridge is really good. I first heard of them on the radio and looked them up. Went to go get the cd and have been pleased with their music. They have some real talent and I’m glad that they didn’t die off when Creed did. You may also want to check out Submersed and Crossfade, similarly styled music and Submersed was produced by frontman of Alter Bridge I believe. They have all been touring together or at least were last year. Check it out, they have some good stuff too.


  2. I definitely like Crossfade, I heard of them shortly after Alter Bridge. I’ll have to check out Submersed because it sounds like they’ll be another band I could add to my iPod. 😀

    Oh yeah, and I don’t think Creed necessarily died off…more like Scott Stapp did. 😉

    Thanks for the comment bro…hang in there at APU!


  3. I’ll still have to say that Alter Bridge still rocks. I’m going to see Kutless and Jeremy Camp this weekend. You guys should come out and join us 🙂

    Angel Stadium on Saturday at 6:30pm, it’s free 🙂 (July 16th)


  4. Doh, I’ll be in Wrightwood with a large group of 2nd & 3rd graders, so that’s a no-go for me. I’ll pass it on to some friends to see if they’d wanna go. Can you link up anymore details, Jonathan? Thanks man. 🙂


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