Yet another H.S. inaugural weekend

The following entry is 975 words long – not including this line.

I haven’t been able to post the past few days because I’ve had some decent-sized projects happening at work, plus this weekend was especially busy. The downtime when I’m not busy at work is usually my best chance to write.


At work, my boss finally had me go to the other office location in Monterey Park. It wasn’t too interesting, but the fact that I’d have to drive there from time to time seems like a drag. I guess it comes with the territory.

I finally gave the Bible lesson and devotional thoughts for the week to my team. Devon had given it for the past two weeks, since he had some points he felt should be brought to their attention. (He’s one of my good friends who happens to coach with me – totally fun and awesome.)

As most Friday nights during CIF basketball season, the Rio Hondo Prep varsity boys played at Flintridge Prep. We stunk.


I hate church setup weekends. Our college group is split into thirds, and we take turns. It stinks even more when the pavilion is being used later than we’d like. We couldn’t start until 8:30pm – and it takes a good 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I also had coaching earlier in the morning and into the afternoon. I couldn’t help but take a nap between that and church setup in the evening…coaching in the sun really wears on you.


Looking at my archives, it doesn’t look like I’ve written a definition of a Rio Hondo Prep high school inaugural.

At the beginning and middle of the school year, Rio Hondo Prep high school votes for a student body president. To celebrate, the guys ask the girls out (like a prom) to attend the inauguration lunch or dinner. Unlike a prom, it’s focus is more on the aspect of preparing the high school for their president, as well as giving challenges to each other for the rest of the school year. It’s definitely more spiritual.

For part of the evening, I was trying to troubleshoot Mr. Horton’s Dell Inspiron 700m projecting the slideshow video properly to the projector. (He’s the high school director, who was my leader in high school and is the current church pastor – great man.) The food was pretty good, and I haven’t gotten sick yet. I heard it can take a day or two before you get tore up from a bad meal; it doesn’t happen right away.

Bill, Matt, and I performed while they handed out the Pin of Kare to some of the academy members. Bill and I played the simple guitar part, while Matt sang and played trumpet.

Rewind to a few days before, Bill asked if I could join them – he would feel more comfortable if he wasn’t playing guitar alone. Plus, he thought we could make the song sound better than it did with just one guitar. I tried to bring a slight rock vibe to it.

I thought we did pretty well, and most everybody that came up to us afterwards were really positive about it. One mentioned that they liked it the most, since everything before it was kind of slow. (No, I’m not exaggerating – it really was slow before that. Really.) I was really into it, and I’m excited that I played.

Unfortunately, one of the leaders, who will remain anonymous, commented to this effect:

I cringe when I see a guitar. I have yet to hear someone play a guitar well. I don’t really like the Pin of Kare song, and I hope I never have to perform it. It was a valiant effort.

He said this to some of my friends, and was laughing about it. I didn’t hear him, but when he left, I asked them what he said. If he said he didn’t like it too much, that’s fine – I know not everybody will like it. Whatever. People are entitled to their opinion, so here’s mine: what good does that do? None. It put me and Bill down. This leader was the only person that put us down, out of the other 10+ people that liked how we sounded, so I don’t care. Bill really didn’t take it too well either, so I’m even more upset. I know this leader is a bit cynical, and could be funny at times, but I just lost my respect for him.

Not to worry, I didn’t let it ruin my night. After the dinner and inauguration, a bunch of us went to Speedzone in City of Industry. I love the Slick Trax! We hung out for a bit while a bunch of the high school people tried the “Top Eliminator” (drag racing). By the time that was up, we felt like we’ve spent enough money and moved onto the In-N-Out closeby.

Curfew for the high school people was at midnight. The last high school person home had to call Mr. Horton. It was me and Alex (he’s a funny guy), and two high school guys (a junior and a freshman). We got the last one back at exactly midnight, which was a feat because it didn’t seem like we’d cut it that close – I thought we were going to be late, and I’d be in trouble.

The other part of the night that I thought was lame was the freshman guy in my car. While we were all at Speedzone, I found out that he was the only freshman there…everybody else was older. He was kind of a drag to me and Alex, because we tend to joke around a lot, and he just doesn’t have the same kind of humor we do. I don’t blame him, because he wasn’t with friends.

No pictures from me. I probably should’ve, but I didn’t take anybody out this time. If I did, I’d feel more compelled to take some.

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