Downloading Fedora Core 3 ISOs

Geek factor contained in this post: high.

I just saw that Anthony is trying out Fedora Core 3 on his computer. So, I started the downloads for all the 32-bit ISO images last night with FileZilla. The good: server I chose seems to be very speedy. The brutal: I forgot to select “Process queue”, so when I woke up this morning, the other 3 ISOs hasn’t been downloaded like I intended.

Do I need the other three ISOs? If I don’t, I’ll kick myself later.

Does Linux have some type of program that’ll synchronize with my Tungsten E, like Palm Desktop? What about my iPod? Can iTunes work? Quickly looking through my Start Menu, I think those are the two main programs I think I’ll have some trouble finding to work with Linux.

Note to self: Minimum ISOs you need to download – 1 and 2. Kicking myself. I would’ve installed Fedora Core 3 on my laptop while at work, but that popped up, and I only have the first ISO. The other three are downloading at home, and they should be done by now. Fortunately, Windows wasn’t touched and all is still normal. (Yes, I did image the Windows partition beforehand.)

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8 thoughts on “Downloading Fedora Core 3 ISOs”

  1. Try this page for Linux based iPod tools:

    Also make sure you get the latest version of Amarok from Amarok is a music player for the KDE Desktop. In my opinion it is far better then iTunes. The latest beta3 release includes iPod synchronization built-in.

    As for your PDA, Kpilot should install as part of the default KDE Desktop install and allow you to do what you need.

    Of course these things apply to the kde desktop. If you use the GNOME desktop environment, make sure you install the GNOME Pilot tools, and Evolution 2.x -if you haven’t heard of Evolution it is GNOME’s premier email, calender, organizer program and now has built-in PDA support.

    On my Linux install I just installed pretty much everything, so I can use all the KDE and GNOME programs from whichever desktop I wish (of course, you can open KDE programs in GNOME and vice-versa).

    Sadly, I don’t own either a PDA or an iPod so I can’t give you any exact advice in the use of these tools, however feel free to ask and I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

    Hope that gets you started anyway. (Hey, at least you’ll never have to defrag Linux 😉


  2. Thanks cjp! That’s a lot of awesome information that’ll be super handy if I install Fedora on my desktop. I’m actually going to try it on my laptop first, which I don’t use my iPod or PDA with. Wireless will need to work, for sure.

    If I do install Fedora on my desktop, I’ll probably go to iPodLounge and ask in there about the best iPod software solution. I pretty much haven’t posted since I first got my iPod, so it’ll be nice to see how things are in there.


  3. Wait… Are you going to do a dual boot, because it sounds like your not.

    I’m so glad I have this DVD burner – I can’t imagine how much time it saved me.

    I was about to boot into Linux just now… Then I realize I’m in Linux (duh). So I’m feeling pretty at home I think.

    Now to figure out the damn sound card, and I’ll be perfectly happy.


  4. for wireles users who want to make a gateway thre is a piece of infobut I forget where it it. It allows you to use your linux box as a gateway for many accesspoints. Cool , really I wnt to try it since I am expanding my network to startup a wireles ISP.

    I got my authentication gateway server, now i need the wireless gateway.


  5. wow how much ram do you need for virtual machine. Well, I think it would optimum for a setup with linux as GUIless wireless gateway and a VMed windows for internet access. In my situation, people would be able to use windows or linux in a cibercafe environment for instance. And we all know that linux rocks in networking as compared with xp sp2. As for this post being old well its this year 2005. I dont know what year you´re f****** in .


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