Chevelle rocked

The concert was wicked! Well, most of the bands anyway. Helmet was the only one I wasn’t a big fan of. We missed Strata though, and I like those guys. *sigh*

My friends Chris R, Bill, and Jon were all crazy that night and wanted to mosh. I was impartial, but as the night went on, the people who were intoxicated got worse. Personally, it was the bigger guys that were moshing that offended me, just because they would push anybody smaller super hard – Bill and Jon fall under that category. At least they don’t mind.

So, who did we see? Future Leaders of the World, Crossfade, Helmet, and Chevelle. I didn’t know Future Leaders of the World or Helmet, and they were ok. But I did know Crossfade and Chevelle, and I loved them both.

I wasn’t aware that Crossfade’s other singer Tony Byroads was also a DJ – and I didn’t like that aspect of their music. He could scream, and that was totally cool. Ed Sloan (lead singer/guitarist) was really awesome. Chris and Jon said they talked to him for a second while we were wandering around before Chevelle. You know, they basically said “You guys were awesome!”. B)

We stayed in the pit during Helmet. I just want to say that a bunch of us got some beer spilled on us. I was so ticked, I mean…who’s stupid enough to go into a mosh pit with beer in his hand? A drunk person, that’s who. Oh well, that’s what alcohol does to people.

Before Chevelle came on, all of us moved out of the pit to enjoy Chevelle without the worry of getting a blow to the head. We found a pretty good spot, except for a few giants in front of Bill.

Finally, the curtain went up, and the flashing lights blinded us so much that I felt I’d get a seizure. They started to play, and I think we were all pretty awestruck. Sam (drums) was totally awesome, and I was kind of in a trance when he’d go crazy with the bass drum. How can he play that so fast? Pete (vocals, guitar) was just as impressive, especially screaming for long periods of time – I couldn’t believe how the album was recorded, but they really sound like the album and much more. Even Ed from Crossfade was with the crowd listening to Chevelle – he passed right by me! I didn’t say hi though, because he seemed to be in a rush. It’s hard to describe it, but I’m you can tell that I thoroughly enjoyed Chevelle.

I don’t have pictures, because we could bring any cameras in. I don’t have a cell phone camera either. Ah well, I remember it quite vividly, and that’s all that matters (to me). 🙂

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