Random thoughts and happenings

I’ve been chopping away at my MP3 collection, trying to make sure the songs on my computer are the ones I want. As of now, I have 2,223 songs (10.62 GB) in my iTunes library.

Rating system:

  • 1 Star = Cusser song, delete when I get home
  • 2 Stars = I don’t like it too much, delete it
  • 3 Stars = Average, I should probably listen to it more to see if I like it or not
  • 4 Stars = Pretty cool (Keeper)
  • 5 Stars = Rockin out (Definitely a keeper)


  • 520 songs not rated
  • 587 songs rated 3 stars
  • 792 songs rated 4 stars
  • 244 songs rated 5 stars

I just started working out again last Thursday. (Thanks Andy.) I’m going to start with two days a week with the weights, and perhaps 3 days a week doing a one-mile run. I’m going to try and gradually increase that distance.

I love Jamba Juice.

Remember that television show “Out of This World“? I wish I could stop time so I can take frequent cat naps. I wouldn’t need coffee as much if I was more refreshed. And whoa! That girl – err, woman – was on “7th Heaven” a few times. Wow, she’s grown up quite a bit. I think I had a crush on her. Ha ha, very funny.

For Andy: Lauren Sanchez is on both Fox 11 and UPN? Did you know that? I sure didn’t.

I wish I could throw away a bunch of stuff here at home, and not have to worry if they were important or not. My mom hoards quite a bit of stuff, and freaks out if I’ll hint of throwing something away – even if they haven’t been used in months or years. When I live by myself, I think I’d prefer a more minimalist lifestyle. Less stuff to worry about, more space to live in.

Speaking of less, I’d love to have a Small Form Factor system and an LCD monitor. Definitely not a need, though.

I wish I learned how to use credit cards before I got into major debt. I regret getting more than one.

If you have your own washer and dryer, don’t take it for granted. People who live in apartments (like myself) have to deal with going to a coin-op laundromat. It’s lame to have to wash your clothes that isn’t at your own convenience.

Better still, if your parents wash your clothes for you, be sure to thank them. You’ll miss it later. Same goes for cooked meals.

Pain of change or pain of regret?

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