Dumb link exchange requests

Every once in awhile, I’ll get an email through my contact form requesting a link exchange. I’ll waste a few bytes to show you how stupid it is.

Dear Webmaster,

While browsing, i came across your website, I noticed you have a fabulous collection of information software & Hardware, Web designing & development, Online marketing. Hosting & other related services. Since our site offers Search Engine Positioning Placement Services in India we wish to exchange link with your site.

This would help our respective search engine rankings and provide each of us with traffic from the other. Besides this another most important factor you must be aware of is the role played by external links to boost rankings at search engines and to get more traffic to sites. I thought it might therefore be of mutual benefit to exchange links. I thus put forward the link exchange proposal with your site.

We have already added a link of your site on our site and you can check your link at:

Please add our link on your site as:
Title: Search Engine Positioning Services
Description: Web Site Search Engine Positioning Placement Services India – <>
URL: <>
Category: Search Engine Optimization / Internet Marketing

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


Apparently you didn’t read my bold contact form disclaimer:

If you don’t address us, or you address one of us as “Webmaster”, we’ll just delete your email. You have our names, the least you could do is address us properly in the email!

What do you think will happen to this email? šŸ˜‰ Get a clue, people.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimesā€¦a photographer, and card magician.

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