Trackback spam at it again

Trackback spam has started to surface again, and like Matt, I see my “Goodbye trackback spam” post has been getting hit up quite a bit. I suppose “Moderating trackbacks and comments” is a good read, too.

At least for people running WordPress 1.2.2, I’m not sure what the best method of fighting comment-based spam is. I know podz has listed the methods you can try for yourself.

The trackback and pingback moderation plugins weren’t working for me, nor was Spaminator. However, it does seem to work for others (but they’re also the ones running 1.3-alpha or 1.5-beta versions).

I’m currently using Kitten’s Spaminator 1.0RC7, but I’ve disabled trackbacks since that wasn’t working – at least until I upgrade to 1.5-beta. If disabling trackbacks will keep me from getting spammed, I’m fine with that.

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