Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Years Dinner, 2005My awesome friend Andy was nice enough to invite me to dinner at his house with a few other friends and immediate family. (He’s not awesome just because he invited me, of course.) His mom setup everything so elaborately and eloquently, and the food was very tasty. Using a hot pot way of cooking small portions of meat, seafood and vegetables is really interesting – in a good way. I had a great time trying to figure out how to eat the food, what to mix with, how long to cook certain things, and so on. I think we were at it for an hour before American Idol came on. We were full, so after clearing off most of the table, basically everybody watched it. I had to watch Alias, so I went into the other room with my other friend (who likes the show, too).

On a even better note, I wasn’t geeky after dinner. Afterwards, Pete took out his laptop to use Andy’s WiFi, Dave borrowed Andy’s (cheap) laptop to do the same – and I watched TV. I guess since I’m on computers at least three days a week for 4-5 hours at a time during work, I don’t feel as inclined to do so. At least I thought it was a bit funny.

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