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Update: Solved. Refer to WordPress Update Links Solved.

One thing I finally noted with WordPress 1.5 is that there’s no more links-update-cache.xml file. Instead, under the wp-admin folder, we now have update-links.php.

If you crack that file open in your favorite text editor, you’ll see no trace of weblogs.com, which has a tendency to break occassionally. Instead, I see api.pingomatic.com.

If you were using the Update Linkroll plugin from Carthik (2fargon in the forums) back in 1.2.2, it won’t work anymore. You’ll either have to set a cron job or wait until someone creates a plugin. Well, you could also directly go to the file by bookmarking it and visiting it occassionally, but that’d be lame.

For the cron job, you’d need to run this periodically:

GET http://your-wordpress-site.com/wp-admin/update-links.php

If any of this is incorrect, I’ll edit this post later. For now, this was my excuse to give w.bloggar v4 another shot. Nope, no dice.

w.bloggar v4

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6 thoughts on “Update links”

  1. Perhaps my expectations of this feature are all wrong – I was expecting it to automatically import the links from the RSS Feeds and put those links into the blogroll area on the right hand side of my page.


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