Great day

*looks at clock* I had a great day yesterday. 😆 Well, I guess it seems like that because it ended on a good note. I had an accounting exam, and I bombed that. Sportline was tough because we’re transitioning into baseball and I moved a lot of stuff in. After that, everything was cool (which was basically the last 5-6 hours of my day). I went to Jamba Juice, finally fixed Jordan’s computer, and Devon was nice enough to give me his spare battery charger for my LG VX4400. No, I don’t have a picture phone yet.

The short of it: Jordan’s PC has been out of commission ever since he got his Samsung SP1614N 160GB hard drive. His Asus A7V133 doesn’t see all of the hard drive space, and we were trying a bunch of stuff to get it working. In the end, I finally realized he could just buy a controller card and plug his hard drive into it. From then on, the whole hard drive was detected and I was able to install Windows XP smoothly. Oh yeah, and I helped someone out in the WordPress IRC channel. I was very happy about that.

As for my charger, last September, I was in San Diego. You can read the details in that post. Devon has the same phone as me. His broke, and had to get a replacement. When he got his, he had the old charger. I didn’t realize it until a couple days ago, so I finally asked him. Now I can leave my phone on all the time again. Good timing, too, because my alarm clock just died. It’s cheesy and old anyways, I should buy a new one.

Oh yeah, and I’ll keep this Valentine’s theme up for awhile – Matt liked it, and I’m starting to like it even more, too.

Happy Birthday to Anthony!

Did this post have enough hypertext in it? 😉

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