Weekend absence

Friday will be my most busy day this week. At work, we’re finishing the move by transporting the computers across the street and plugging them in. I’m stoked that Jordan and Renzo are helping me out. I have pictures I took on Wednesday, and I’ll try to take a couple in the morning of us working. Why? Because I’m goofy. After RHLA meeting and a late lunch, I’ll be going to Mount Kare for the weekend with the Jr. High boys.

We’re leaving today at 4:30pm and not coming back until Monday afternoon. Bad news is that there’s a storm system coming in, and it’s not cold enough for snow – until the day we leave. Eh. I’ll be out of touch until then. Then again, I get a cell phone signal in Wrightwood. If you have my number, you could call me up if you’d like and say hello. Dial *65 if your phone number shows up as restricted – I won’t answer if it does. (Verizon Wireless people always welcome to call me if you’re on the IN-network.)

Anyways, so Friday is mainly driving. Saturday is snowboarding and skiing at Mtn. High. Sunday is church and games. Monday is finishing up camp and heading back. If anybody is at Mtn. High on Saturday, call me up and say hi. I don’t think anybody local to me reads this, but it’s worth a shot.

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Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

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