Hate Myspace, love WordPress

I won’t go into detail how it was brought up, but Myspace was the discussion last Friday within RHLA. It seems to be a decent service, if you don’t care about clutter, code validation, videos, or music playing without user interaction.

Searching through Technorati, I came across a LiveJournal blog, “Citing The Obvious“, with an opinion about Myspace:

I personally feel that all Myspace does is allow a place for you to show off your pictures and have stupid people on you because they think you are “hot” and like your style of music. It seems like high school. Just an outward appearence makes you popular. It reminds me of a dating service with the stats right there. People leave you anything but dense comments and compliments. Almost everyone secretly competes to have a long listing of friends. I don’t see what Myspace offers besides that. Maybe it enhances people’s self esteem, because God forbid we feel good about ourselves in any way, shape, or form without a cute girl/boy leaving us reminders that we are. Oh, and I personally like how the blogging/thoughts area is in the corner, and it’s a rarity if you find someone who puts anything down in it.

I cleaned up the text and tried to fix the grammar problems.

I really do agree about basically all of the above. I like positive comments, but I don’t need it looming on the front page with each person’s picture. Simply saying hello? I’m sure email is good for that sort of communication. Instant messaging is probably better, too. Instead, they stick out in your face. Why would you add friends if you don’t know them?

I don’t have a Myspace account, nor have I had Xanga or LiveJournal. The first two don’t have any syndication feeds, but thankfully LJ does. That’s definitely another reason why I don’t like those services – syndication seclusion from everyone else.

Some of my friends and acquaintances use the above services. I have nothing against them. I just won’t visit them as much.

What am I getting at? I’d like to point out some free blog services that don’t have so much to deal with. You can put as little or as much as you’d like. Right from the start, they use valid code and are very basic – but you can add onto it.

I haven’t tried any of the above, but they’re a good starting point. However, if you really like one of the above services and want to have more control, you can get your own hosting and import from other blogging software. WordPress supports importing from a few popular blogger software platforms.

In conlusion, figure out what you want to accomplish, look at the options, and make an informed decision. I love WordPress. Why? It’s all mine to control, depending on how much I want to learn of the software. It’s fast and clean, plus 1.5 makes it so much more enticing to utilize it as a backend for any website I might build in the future.

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3 thoughts on “Hate Myspace, love WordPress”

  1. MySpace is a fad. Nothing more nothing less.

    Someone creates a account and pressures someone else into using it (If the pressure is intended or not is a diffrent story).

    You want to see a friend’s pictures? You must get a account. I don’t even think you can comment in the blogs with out a account.

    Then when you have a account you just HAVE to use it for your own stuff you know? Such a waste of time other wise.

    Also it’s just all in one place. Photos, blog, and… um… well I think there is more to it.

    For obvious reasons I don’t use it (other then to comment and see pictures).


  2. I enjoy MySpace for meeting new people – it’s like reality TV, but on the Web. The same can be said for any other such service, really.

    Thanks for the links to the other blog sites, and to the blogging software. I think I will incorporate a blog to my webpage – or even make the blog the main feature… never really gave it much thought, but it sounds more fun than using your run-of-the-mill blogger site like MySpace.



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