Trying Referrer Karma

I’m trying Referrer Karma for WordPress. (It’s not a plugin, and it’s not dependant on WordPress.) Why? I don’t want to get taken down. I’m keeping a close eye on my Referral Karma logs, in case a friendly domain or IP gets banned.

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14 thoughts on “Trying Referrer Karma”

  1. Absolutely. All is well. As of now, its blocked at least 10 referrers and blacklisted 5. I think one got identified incorrectly, so I switched it. Very simple.


  2. Did you set it false and use a password? No matter what I do (including use a password), I always get this blasted error message telling me to either set it to true or use a password.


  3. Tom figured out my short-sighted problem. I was trying to enter =**password** rather than just =password. I can’t wait to see my nice clean stats tomorrow morning.


  4. If I’m the only one using it, don’t worry about it. I’ll check it manually – I’d hate to think I’m putting you out.

    Perhaps you can put it as a subpage in your Codex profile? Just modify the date everytime you change it?


  5. I’ve written a paper covering comment and referrer spam. where I look at Referrer-Karma. It seems like a neat solution but I’m worried that it could be used to stage a Denial of Service attack against a server. This would be fairly easy to set up… just run a script that sends referrer URLs of big web pages to a server with RK installed. RK will have to parse those pages in order to check referrer URLs.


  6. Thanks for dropping by and mentioning that. I’m not too good with all that code and stuff, but I definitely think you should mention that to dr Dave and get his thoughts on it. (I’ll try to read that paper thoroughly and see if I can get a grasp on what you were saying.)


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