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My friend Justin is going to try thing we call blogging. He called it strange to start a blog and tell friends and family, but I think those are along the lines of what I did. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re not thinking I’m that strange. I suppose I’m writing this for him, as well as any other new bloggers that are unsure of the waters. It is scary, because you don’t know if your writing is going to end up impacting or entertaining anyone. However, if you’re on your own server, you probably have a stats package. Then, you can totally tell if people are going to your site. Whatever! Just blog, have fun, and if you lose interest, you can stop. However, if people really like you, they’ll let you know.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

4 thoughts on “New blogger”

  1. I think the biggest concern is others seeing your thoughts.

    Another thing is the fact that I would personally keep a diary (seems way too girlish)… Perhaps a blog is too geeky to be girlish heh.


  2. Excellent points. If you’re one that doesn’t care about any of your personal thoughts, then of course that’d be one thing. From what I’ve seen, most people have enough restraint to write as much as they should allow – well, save the few bloggers that lost their jobs from it. I won’t go into that, because I don’t know all the details.


  3. Yeah, I wasn’t trying to say that having a blog is geeky and embarrassing. I was just saying that if you’re going to treat a blog as a public journal, you don’t always want those close to you knowing your every thought on your day to day situations.

    Then again…I will say having a blog is a little geeky, but I find no shame in that! There’s been lots of things that started out just for geeks, only to later be realized as cool by the masses. 😛


  4. I totally agree, cards…which is why I don’t post everything that happens to me. I love how geeky it is. I started blogging within my close circle of friends, and I hope it’ll grow. It’s kinda like how I started the site here. People thought I was super geeky, until they realized how its helped me learn so much where they come to me for help. 🙂


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