Lesson learned at work

This isn’t a huge lesson, but a good one to think about: Clutter.

I finished unpacking the majority of the boxes in my office, and it’s all about the counters. Boxes of toner are neatly organized in a couple shelves, while spare “mature” computers and monitors take up the rest of bottom sections. Light software boxes take up a little more than six upper shelves. Usable laptops with their accessories (such as docks) are in a locked cabinet behind me.

However, strewn about the main work area on my counter is a lot of miscellaneous items, including CDs, floppy disks, binders, papers, and loose cables. I’m supposed to be able to work on computers there, but can’t at the moment. They’re mostly from the head of Information Systems, my boss. I can’t blame him, though. You receive something to install or plug in, then things get hectic. Next thing you know, it’s all piled up. But how does it hurt you?

Let’s say you’ve misplaced an item, and you need it. Look around, do you have a lot of stuff to sift through? How much time does that take? How about that stress? That can’t be healthy.

Some people can handle it, but I can’t. My threshold isn’t that high. I suppose I just wanted to present this and see if anybody wanted to expand on it further, perhaps their thoughts on it, good reasons why you should keep tidy, etc.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

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