How annoying!

Does anyone else get irritated when your friend vaguely tells you something, and expects you to understand? Then when you ask for clarification, they insist that they can’t say. Just don’t bring it up! That totally ticks me off. If you’re going to say something, say it!

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

4 thoughts on “How annoying!”

  1. If he is as good as a friend as you imply then it should go a little like this…

    Him: You remember when :trails off:
    You: Yes
    Him: And we went :trails off:
    You: Yes
    Him: Wasn’t that awesome?
    You: Yes

    No really most of the time I can do pretty much that, but it is indeed annoying when I can’t.


  2. Maybe he didnt think it was something you could handle and didnt want you to get angry and granted he shouldnt have said anything. Maybe he was looking out for you as a friend. Now you need to ask your self did you do the same when you posted this were you looking out for a friend or trying to bring him down by having all your friends post stuff about him?


  3. He shouldn’t have said anything, that’s why I was annoyed. Also, I post here because I’m venting. I look at myself reading this post and reflect on myself. I hope I don’t do the same to my friends.

    I should close comments for those reasons.

    Chuck, I’m real close to banning you. Why? You’re not using your email address – you’re using mine. You think I’ll do something to you? C’mon, I’d like to think I’m more civilized than that. You can expect that honesty from me, and I’d like to expect that from anybody commenting here. Please don’t prove me wrong, Chuck.

    If you have something against me, please email me directly. I should close these comments now.


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