Great service at Arkon

My Arkon CM625 has been broken for almost month.

As you can see, that’s totally not the case anymore. I tried the Krazy Glue Pen, but that didn’t work. I finally got myself to call Arkon.

I wasn’t sure what they could do, or if they would support me, but I wanted to give it a shot. The receptionist transferred me to someone for replacement parts. Francis was the next person to whom I talked to. I told him as best I could about the part that broke. He then asked for my name and address – and when he heard I was really close, told me to drive in and meet him.

No sooner than I had got there, and told the receptionist that I wanted to see Francis, he came out with the small bag of the replacement. No charge. Within five minutes of arriving there, my cradle was on the mount, iPod back where it should be, and I was on my way back home.

I don’t know how much the replacement part would’ve cost if I was in another state – I don’t know if he would’ve charged me. However, I’m very impressed that he just handed me the part with a smile. Will Arkon get my business again? Absolutely, and not just because they’re local. (I’m not getting referral credits from this.) If someone purchses any of their products from this post, tell me about it? Thanks!

Side note: I wasted two bucks for Krazy Glue, and it didn’t even work. There’s so many types, so perhaps another one would’ve done the trick. I’m just glad I didn’t have to buy a whole new gooseneck mount and cradle.

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