2 thoughts on “What happened to Blogger Idol?”

  1. This was in an email from Darren (Blogger Idol host):

    you’ve no doubt noticed that Blogger Idol has been dormant for a month or more. I’m sorry but my schedule of late has been so full that I’ve had to let it go. This email is simply to say sorry and that its over – UNLESS someone out there would like to take it over and run it from here on in. The site is all set up and ready to go – all it needs is someone to run it.

    This would involve:

    * choosing weekly topics
    * posting them on the site – takes about 15 minutes
    * sending two weekly emails (one to notify of topics and the other to remind people to ‘judge’)
    * adding new participants to the email list as they come in
    * deleting any comment spam left (very little at this point)

    If you’re interested I’d be interested in chatting to you about it – just let me know.

    Otherwise we’ll put Blogger Idol to bed again and remember the ‘good times’ we had 🙂

    Thanks again



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