Another Myspace peeve

Want another reason why I definitely don’t like Myspace? Some people don’t know when enough is enough. I came across a Myspace site that had 208 images on its main page, which translated to about 8.3MB. To load, It’d take a T1 1.44Mbps connection 47.65 seconds, and almost 30 minutes for a dialup connection. Ugh. Okay okay, I’m leaving for work now. *LoL*

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8 thoughts on “Another Myspace peeve”

  1. In ADDITION to that crap, almost every single goddamn user HAS to HAVE a video or music clip.

    I didn’t ask them to put it up, I am already listening to music and I don’t want a 48kbsp sound quality wav/mp3 file overlapping my music.



  2. Maybe I’m biased because every complaint you guys make (although I know possible) I just have never experienced.

    I’m telling you it’s the users… Not the service…


  3. Perhaps the service should educate the users a bit better. My friend just jumped into it and started adding stuff like crazy. He doesn’t know any better, I don’t think the service recommends anything otherwise. So, off he goes to do whatever.


  4. Dude if you guys don’t like it then dont go there. Do something else possitive with your time instead of complaining about how bad the service is. Or maybe you guys have nothing better to do just a thought.


  5. Sorry Chuck. I don’t go there, this just happen to be another instance where I stumbled onto it. I don’t proactively look for Myspace users to bash. It’s just amazing to see how much stuff a user can put onto it, and no one seems to care.

    I have nothing better to do? Of course there is. But this is exactly that – my thoughts.

    How interesting would things be if they weren’t commented on? That’s the vibe I’m getting from you. If people don’t like something, mind their business and move on.

    Let’s take an example. What if people didn’t like Windows? Nobody said anything, and the company didn’t know what the matter was. How could they improve? I guess that’s the reason why I brought Myspace up again. I can see the good they can do. A lot of people do use it, their friends link to each other, and they can maintain their relationship. However, it could use some additional improvement.

    Is that too much to ask for?


  6. You and I both know that in reality you cant ban me from the site. If I was truely an A-hole which Im not, I could just go on another name and be a thorn that every one hates but can get rid of. But I dont want to do that and like I said before Im not an A-hole. The fact that I bug you so much to want to kick me out is really funny though and I have to thank you for the entertainment. As far as being scared of what you might do to me, well lets just say that isnt the case. This is me in a good mood so I will try to keep it PG-13 rating. I hope you havent already deleted this post since Im pretty sure thats what you want to do cant have any one disagree with your website right? I do have one last thing I would like to leave you with. Next time you decide to vent make sure your not venting on any of your friends there is a reason why I posted on these two topics if you havent figured that one out yet they are connected. Just watch what you do on your website its an easy way to get people turned against you.


  7. I know who you are. What tipped me off? The length of the sentences, and a few spots missing proper punctuation.

    I apologize for saying you don’t know any better. Really. I shouldn’t say anything that offends someone, for sure. I can accept I messed up. So for the record, I’m sorry.

    I was going to type more, but life’s too short to hold grudges. Call me up, we need to talk.


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