Skype is awesome!

My good buddy Larry Jackson needed some help with HTML, and asked if I could give him a call. Seeing how he’s in Texas and I’m in California, and we don’t have the same cell phone provider, it was the perfect excuse to try Skype for my first time.

My thoughts on Skype? I’ll put it this way: we ended up chatting for over an hour. We went beyond the simple discussion of HTML. He talked about his new business venture, expressed his happiness with the forums, and joked around about some of the members in there as well. (Nothing bad, just some good laughs.)

Yahoo has voice chat, but it’s not as good as Skype. I installed the program, plugged in my headset, setup my account, and was chatting with Larry within minutes. Simple. The quality was awesome, too! People aren’t joking when they say it sounds like the person is right next to you. Now I know what Adam Curry has been raving about.

Anybody else Skype? Add me! (You can guess my username or ask me.) Why? Over the internet, its free!

Concerns: What do you do if you have speakers plugged in, and you don’t want the hassle of switching back and forth between the headset and speakers? I hate having to reach to the back of my computer to swap plugs. Would installing one of those gadgets that brings audio, USB, and Firewire ports to the front do the trick? If my headset is plugged in, would that override my speakers? If that device was inexpensive, I think it’s worth the cost. What to do? Update: The Plantronics Audio PC Switchbox should do the trick. If my Skype usage justifies it, I’ll probably hand over the money to make things easier for myself. $20 isn’t too much.

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6 thoughts on “Skype is awesome!”

  1. That’s my own pet peeve as well. Not so much a hassle when I’m on the Powerbook, but if I have to use my Windows box it’s incredibly annoying I have three connections to play with: my speakers, my headset and my TV/stereo system.

    I’m toying with the idea of getting a Skype USB phone though.


  2. As far as those front ports. I had the same questions – But I also had the front ports so I tried.

    As far as my Dell is concerened if something is plugged into the front ports it overides the speakers.


  3. Skype is a funny name for such a useful program. The name itself raises curiousity…you just have to try it. Bryan, helped me through some difficult to explain terminology and tips that would have nibbled the nubbs of my fingers pecking away on my keyboard. However, Skype to the rescue, got the problem solved in minutes then we talked for a hour. LOL

    I must say Bryan is a really good friend to have even if there isn’t a difficult problem to solve. Both of us had to install Skype after PM’ing one another and now if you guys will do the same we can Skype each other when the need comes about no matter where you are in the world…It’s FREE! Thanks Bryan for the help, I’m now up and running.


  4. changing my life in terms of communication from Japan to US on biz trips. cost effective, excellent quality and options, what else can i say?…..


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