Clean install inevitable

Using RSSOwl on my desktop system has been quirky. A few of the dialog boxes were wider than my screen. I installed Crystal XP BricoPack RC1 awhile ago, but then phased that out. Shortly afterwards, I tried Flyakite OS X I installed awhile ago. However, Flyakite did a backup of the system files before proceeding, and I’m thinking Crystal XP didn’t completely uninstall. (The login screen is still themed with Crystal XP, sort of.)

The good news is that the problem definitely had to do with those themes. Using RSSOwl on my laptop looks perfectly fine.

Still, I think I’m due for a clean install. I didn’t drive image my last one because I’ve been trying out nLite. Each of the releases have new fixes and stuff, so I didn’t want to image something that’d probably be fixed the next clean install. At least I don’t have to sit and click through the responses using an nLite-created Windows XP CD.

I haven’t done a backup of my data in awhile, too. Not good. I definitely need to get a DVD burner in the near future. Hopefully if I go through all my stuff and purge most of it, I won’t need to backup too much.

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