6 thoughts on “Google ticks off Podz”

  1. Oh please.

    Google is right – Protect your own stuff. It isn’t their job.

    Would you leave the door to your house unlocked when you are not home? Of course not…

    If you don’t want people to hotlink your images then um activate hot link protection. If you don’t know how on most hosts it’s just one (or maybe 2) clicks in cPanel.

    I use hotlink protection on parts of my site. I even have a custom image setup (well not currently but it’s just a change of one line) to show a custom image to would be hot linkers.

    If I have the time to Google it, and put it in place I’m quite sure Podz can manage to do the same.

    If Google dealt with every person that hotlinked or some other tiny issue then they wouldn’t have time to do things that actually matter, like… oh I don’t know… Run their billion+ dollar company.

    I know I wouldn’t spend $5.50 a hour on someone to deal with this bull…


  2. “I know what I can do to protect my site – that is NOT the issue. The issue is that I asked Google to shut down a site which is hosted by them, powered by them, subject to terms and conditions written by them and which is stealing my bandwidth, stealing my content, stealing my code, stealing my copyrighted material and they are refusing to do so, and trying to say that it is MY fault for having a site in the first place. So how is it that I am in the wrong?”


  3. I still say this happens for too much for them to even take the time to look at it and decide if they want to do anything with it let alone do someting.


  4. But perhaps, in part, it happens too much because they don’t do anything about it. If it’s known that they do nothing, that can function as an invitation. If there were, on the other hand, stories of people losing their blogs, maybe being banned, for this sort of thing, that might at least act as a deterrent.

    Having a successful business is great, but that fact that it’s large is not an excuse not to at least try to act responsibly. It’s an indicator of priorities, the scales of which seem to be tipped pretty far in the direction of convenience here. I understand: Google is not going to take itself under by tending to every such case, but they could try to respond in some way. Maybe investigate and deal with a sampling of the complaints? Surely there’s a creative way to reach out a little here.


  5. Anthony, in part I agree, but pig makes a damn good point.
    Either way, they are a huge multi-million dollar company, so my logo shouldn’t bother them should it ? And if it did, it won’t be lawyers on minimum will it ?


  6. Would they even go after you though if they knew?

    I doubt it – It’s not a big enough deal to them – Now if Yahoo started to mock them with their own logo they would care…

    …I’m just saying…

    I know your a cool guy podz 🙂


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