Gmail space slowly increasing

“To celebrate our one-year birthday, we’re giving everyone one more gigabyte. […] Our plan is to continue growing your storage beyond 2GBs by giving you more space as we are able.” It’s not an immediate upgrade. It’s been increasing slowly from 1000 MB. As of now, I currently have 1103 MB of space, but I’m not using that much anyway. It’s still nice!

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8 thoughts on “Gmail space slowly increasing”

  1. Check the source; they’re calculating off the time, so all limits are rising together until they reach 2 gigs (maybe at noon PST?). It’s part of their “infinity + 1” April Fools joke.


  2. I don’t get the “Infinity + 1” joke. But, I think I understand what you mean – they’re going to have everybody’s account hit 2GB at the same time, right? That’s wicked!


  3. Yes, nobody can say google’s programmers don’t have humor sense. That’s a fabulous (and google-style) marketing strategy. They don’t need to say anybody things like ‘The best web-based mail’ (see, on the window’s title). I think they doesn’t have a marketing team! And I think everybody, soon or later, will take a look at gmail’s start page to see if it’s true what everybody is saying, that gmail’s account space is increasing every second! That’s a smart, technical, simple, effective way to make people know gmail. I’m amazed! Now, more than ever, hotmail seams pathetic to me. Two megabytes! Hotmail gives me about one diskette of storage? That is definitively pathetic!


  4. how does it work though? thats the bit that gets me, how can they be increasing the space they gove everyone while taking on new customers? do they use customer computer space somehow? i think its mind blowing! Google are amazing they have such great software and webware ranging from the really useful, how did i live without this stuff (i.e. gmail and search) to great toys like google video, lists, earth(although this is very useful too) and so much more! i cant wait to see what they do next and i really hope they do bring out an operating system (like has been rumoured and hinted) im sure it will be great!


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