Breathe in before bashing Matt

Matt Mullenweg has been getting ripped from a lot of people about some advertising ploy he implemented on to boost his Google PageRank. Actually, he didn’t think much of it until someone found out about it and blew up. Bottom line: He made a mistake and he fixed it (on his vacation). Don’t hold anything against him, and hopefully Google will figure out their mistake. I support Matt (and friends) for all they’ve done for everyone that blogs with WordPress. I wouldn’t be able to write so effortlessly without them.

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Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

5 thoughts on “Breathe in before bashing Matt”

  1. What exactly is the big deal? Matt wouldn’t be the first let alone the last to do this.

    At least he doesn’t put 100 diffrent keywords on ever page at font size 1, with white text on a white background.

    People should be able to take advantage of Google’s page rank system however they want because:

    A. Other people will
    B. Google stands a very low chance of catching these other people

    Does one wrong make a right? I suppose not. Does that stop people though? No.

    And it’s not like this is anything new…


  2. Googles whole set up – greatly enhanced since the IPO – is geared to make money. They know what goes on and Blogger is the worst offender. Matt outwitted them. Thats why they are in a huff. Incidentally I have just read their terms and I cant see what the kerfuffle is about. What the heck is *deliberately generated content* ? Furthermore what does the CSS rule display:hidden do ?


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