New comment spam

Two innocent-looking comments went through.

Thank you for great web site, i have discovered it recently, lots of good read

I came to your site accidentially, but found it very good to read. Thanks.

  • Both came from the same IP address:
  • Both had different email addresses
  • Both had different URLs that went to almost identical looking websites (varying only in content – layout completely the same)

What will I do with this? I marked those comments as spam, and simply banned the IP address. Anybody else starting to see a small trickle of this? I’m not sure what to think.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

6 thoughts on “New comment spam”

  1. Spam Karma is catching all of it. Apparently the IP is already on a real-time blacklist and the bot still enters several things into the hidden (trap) fields.


  2. I’ve been getting stuff like that for quite some time. I have WP set to moderate any comments/trackbacks from people/sites that do not have an approved comment and it works great. No need for spam plugins if you do it right and don’t mind moderating things every so often.


  3. My spam seems to come in waves and I don’t want to enable plugins for fear of them marking legitimate comments as spam or adding another step for commenters. This moderate option allows me to catch things in the queue, and only holds up some legitimate comments for a short time until I can approve them.


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