Trackback Spam wave coming?

I popped in the WordPress forums this morning, and skimmed through a thread where someone was asking how to get rid of trackback spam. Since Tom Raftery says there might be a wave coming, I thought I better get some reinforcements.

Enter Mod_Rewrite Trackback Spam Blocker.

Other than that, I’m not using any other plugins like Kitten’s Spaminator (source) or Spam Karma. In here, I’m still using built-in detection methods and holding up well without additional plugins. (Does the Auto Moderate Comments count? 😛 )

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

6 thoughts on “Trackback Spam wave coming?”

  1. I wonder if Mod_Rewrite Trackback Spam Blocker accomplishes a similar thing. Nobody can access the trackback.php file directly, and it’s added to the .htaccess automagically (after resaving the permalink structure). I think I’m trying not to go deeper than what I see in WordPress as much as possible, since everyone might not have the same privileges on their server as we do.


  2. Sure Bryan,

    however, if you look through your raw server logs, at a time when a referrer spammer accessed your site, you won’t see them accessing the trackback.php or xmlrpc.php file directly, rather, they go to post/trackback/ which is what spamhuntress tries to block in her code.

    Hope this helps,



  3. I haven’t seen trackback spam in awhile, so I couldn’t see exactly what you talking about. I suppose that bit of code can’t hurt, right?


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