RSS Bandit still quirky

I’ve updated to RSS Bandit v1.3.0.29. Hopefully the search folders scope is remembered for each folder. However, I’m still definitely seeing feeds marked as unread that I know I read just 2-3 hours ago. I’m too scared or unsure to post in the RSS Bandit forums at the moment, because I hate sounding like a doofus, but I suppose I will in a bit.

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6 thoughts on “RSS Bandit still quirky”

  1. That behavior is just plain weird. Can you describe in detail what happens so I can try and track this down? Also can you give some details on your computer setup (OS, .NET Framework version, etc)?


  2. Wow, thanks for coming all the way over here, Dare.

    Details, details. [Work PC] I read a couple feeds, mark some more as read, then I sync to my server. [Home PC] I sync from the server, then update all the feeds. I notice that a feed I distinctly read before is unread.

    Also, the search scope still doesn’t carry over if I start a new RSS Bandit session. I was on my laptop a few hours ago, and I uploaded before I shut down. Synchronizing right now, they didn’t save. 😦

    All computers: Windows XP, .NET Framework 1.1 with the KB886903 hotfix


  3. Update: I just used RSS Bandit on my laptop last night and this morning, not using it on my desktop PC. So, I didn’t sync to my server. I updated all my feeds, and it looks like the search scope for my search folders were okay. I’ll try my desktop later and see how it goes.


  4. Ok, it happens with all feeds. And perhaps it might have to do with using “Mark All Items In Category As Read” across computers. I think if I actually select the item and read it, it will be marked as read when I get the sync’d file off the server for my other computers. *shrug*


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