GeeXboX attempt

I read the Engadget article “How-To: Build A Cheap Media Player In 20 Minutes“, so I tried to get GeeXboX 0.98.5 Original ISO to work. My Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop booted up fine with GeeXboX. Once in the menu, it was bad. Flashing vertical lines all over the screen. Plus, it didn’t show up on my television. [1]

Here’s how it looks on my laptop:

Next, I tried it on my desktop. [2] This time, the video would show on the TV. However, the image would just repeat scrolling vertically. On my computer monitor, it did show fine though. That doesn’t do too much, except if my mom wouldn’t care to watch a whole movie on a computer monitor, it should be easy for her to boot to GeeXbox, and when the menu shows, she could just pop in the Divx movie she’d want to watch.

This would be really cool cuz I have a couple Divx videos, and it’d be so much easier to use GeeXboX and watch a movie with my friends. Any point in persuing this? Asking in the forums? I haven’t seen too many Dell laptops being supported. *sigh* Here’s to wishing…


[1] Connecting from my S-Video to my TV required a S-Video female to RCA male adapter, on both laptop and desktop.
[2] Detailed system information, such as hardware, can be found on my system rig page.

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2 thoughts on “GeeXboX attempt”

  1. How to disable VidiX ?
    In some rare cases, your computer may not support the VidiX hardware acceleration of your display adapter. You can, of course disable it easily, resulting in a lack of performance, according to your configuration. To do so, simply replace the vo=vesa:vidix,vesa line in your /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf file with the following one : vo=vesa and regenerate the ISO.

    there are other changes that may be needed to get the program to display correctly, they now include a wizard of sorts that allows you to make a custom iso too…check it out at the geexbox site.


  2. Wow, it’s been over a month since I tried this?

    I’ll definitely give that a shot either today or tomorrow. But thanks for taking the time to help me out, Mike. I really appreciate it. 🙂


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