Finch rocked!

Sorry about the picture. I didn’t exactly have a tripod and optimal manual settings for the aperture of my camera.

How was the show? Totally wicked! Bill thought he got cheated because Nate didn’t scream for all the songs like he did on their CD. Whatever! I can’t blame him, it’s amazing that he can muster that much for more than one song. I thought it was great, and the whole band gave awesome energy. They were all very professional, and I’m so happy they didn’t swear profusely. I don’t know the names of all the members, but I can say that the new drummer fits right in.

They played some new music, and it’s just different. I think I’ll like it, though. Doesn’t sound too mainstream, and I’m sure people would like it that way. If I could, I’d totally want to see them again. Does anyone who stumbles across this post have any good pictures or a bootleg of this concert? I’d love to get a copy!

Sidenote: Tonight, Bill wants us to play Ender as a cover song for our band we’re trying to create. I’m sure he’s still in total awe about the concert, especially since Finch is one of his main influences (for guitar). 😆

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