Car maintenence

I went to my godparents’ house yesterday to get my brakes replaced. (I call them aunt and uncle, Tita and Tito.) I did this with him a couple years ago, but I couldn’t remember the process and the names of some of the parts involved. It was so awesome yesterday, and I’m lucky to have spent that time with him. He helped me re-learn the process by basically doing one wheel, step-by-step, then letting me do the other one. In addition, we changed the oil and filter, and he looked at the other stuff under the hood, pointing out what I need to do when I get home.

I need some distilled water in a couple places, including the radiator reservoir (I think), and maybe a little in battery. What I’m totally happy about is what I learned. He was simply telling me a lot of stuff about how I need to keep up with it. It was all easy to understand, and I’ve been neglecting my car quite a bit.

One of the more important things that came up were driver’s side front wheel nuts. Apparently, they weren’t the original ones that should’ve came with the car. I got my tires replaced at Sears last year, and they’ve been basically fine since then. However, I never thought of checking the nuts all around. Why? I should make sure that they’d fit the socket wrench all car manufacturers provide with the car in case of a flat tire. In my case, I would’ve had to call AAA because my socket wrench wouldn’t fit those nuts. Now I know, and I’m going to go to a Toyota dealership ASAP to get some new ones.

Ooh, and note to self: one of the brake warning tabs broke, so I need to get a pair of those and save them for the next time I replace my brakes.

Addendum: Which brakes did I buy? I went with Ray Bestos. At Pep Boys, they cost about $50, and if we weren’t talking and just doing the brakes only, I think it’d only take an hour. I’m not sure how much it’d cost to take my car in to do it for me, but I think it’d cost quite a bit more, and it’d be totally worth the savings.

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2 thoughts on “Car maintenence”

  1. Me too, but my uncle’s just totally helping me. I guess I’m really fortunate that I know someone that’s so willing to help me. I’m just really excited that I can still remember how to change my brakes, when I need to do it again.


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