Open house burgers

There was the RHP open house last night, and we were waiting for the burgers to get finished – along with 30+ people. I think 15 minutes passed, and only 8 burgers were brought out. The line stopped growing, probably because they could see it wasn’t going to get any faster. A nice woman came behind the person working at the wood grill and exclaimed sincerely, “Wow, we’re lucky to have you!” Riiight. *sarcasm* Indeed, the speed was blindingly fast. I don’t know what was wrong, but it was funny at the time. (No, I’m not mocking anyone.)

Published by

Bryan Villarin

Bryan is a Trust & Safety Wrangler at Automattic. He's also a photographer, card magician, and cat whisperer. (Thanks to my friend and colleague Steve Blythe for the sweet photo!)

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